Whole Home Renovations

Whole Home Renos.png

Whether you have been living in your existing home for many years or have recently purchased a home, Precision Contracting makes your whole home renovations something you can be proud of. We are experts on timelines, budgets, and style. Renovating every room in the house can be an extremely large task, but with the help of Precision Contracting your project will be completed using our organized scheduling and certified crews.

With the advancements in imaging, Precision Contracting now offers 3D Renderings. These new renderings will allow you to see your project completed before we ever put a tool in your home.  The ‘real life” views are spectacular and capture every detail of your visions.

When you ask Precision Contracting to work with you on a project, we deliver. Unlike many companies that ask you to purchase your products and organize sub-trades, Precision Contracting takes care of everything from start to clean up. From our first meeting at your home until we complete our final “Pre-Delivery Inspections, we are sure to please. Our step by step process allows all our clients to understand how the process should work and how we keep your projects on time & on budget. Using our Project Development System, you will notice the Precision Difference from day #1. From the initial visit with our Project Director & Coordinator to the construction of the project with our Project Managers & installation teams, our clients understand that timelines & budgets are top priority.

Our expertise include the removal of existing flooring, cabinetry, walls & framing, trim, insulation, bathrooms, closets, and much more. If the exterior is in need of attention we will create a plan to remove and replace siding, windows, doors, soffit, fascia, and even the eaves troughs. Our teams specialize in whole home renovations making sure your Project Manager is on site daily to help with any questions you may have along the way.

Completing a project of this size takes a lot of time and a comprehensive schedule. Keeping on track and on budget is what we do best.  We make sure your expectations are met through our attention to project details and workmanship. When we start a job we stay on that job until it is finished.

Bring your home improvement ideas to the qualified team at Precision Contracting. Use our free in home estimate program to establish timelines and budgets. Your ideas and our expertise will complete any project just as you dreamed.