Below are just a few of the many great things customers are saying about us.

"Lindsay Hayley is a no nonsense, responsible, transparent and amazing individual who you can put all your trust in to. He is always on time, on budget and goes the extra mile to make sure you’re happy with whatever project you’re lucky enough to have him doing. Proceed without fear he is the Man!"

"From the moment you walk in their office door to the viewing of the finished job, all the staff at Precision Contracting are there to meet your needs. They are detail oriented, very thorough in explaining options and offer the best products to make your home stunning. I give them a 5+ star rating and will book future projects with them."

“We do love the new space, it is the best space in the house...you  guys did an excellent job...sort of missed the guys this morning”

“It looks so Great !! The guys even sorted through things and placed them on the shelves. Hung Everything, and even made separate hooks for each of our wreaths! It looks amazing and they were so fast !! Thanks again for a such a Great Job !! Well Done.”

“It has been great working with you and your company !  The guys were easy to have around and did a fantastic job.  Everyone that has come to the cottage has loved the siding and work completed !!  We are now looking forward to the deck !”

“Likely the nicest and most polite bunch of guys I have ever had at my house !!!”

“Just so you know that the guys are working hard... we are very happy with their work ethic and with the work they are doing... very nice people to have working for you and for us.”

“Thanks very much ! The guys are a pleasure to work with.”

“Thank you !! It has been a pleasure working with you !! The entire team did an amazing job.”

“We just got home and saw the deck.... it looks great !  The guys have done a great job !!  Thanks !!”

“We are very happy & pleased !  We wish you all a great Thanksgiving weekend !”