Exterior Siding

One of the most recognizable ways to change the exterior appearance of your house is by the installation of new siding. We offer two different types of siding that can be both supplied and installed using your colour selections.  Our most popular product is vinyl.  Using our manufacturers, we can offer an abundance of styles and colours. Horizontal or vertical, we know that the look is what matters. We also offer board & baton.  Although not our most common customer selection, for those houses that will only look great with this rustic look, we at Precision Contracting can help you out.


One of the most popular exterior siding products we have been installing during the past few years is Maibec Siding. Offering standard and custom colours, Maibec is Canada's leading manufacturer in wood siding. Maibec has been a product you continue to ask for, and we have delivered. Our professionally trained team not only understands the product, but we also help you select the best profile and design that fits your style and budget.

Visit www.maibec.com for more information and features. The neighbours may not even recognize you after Precision completes Maibec siding on your home!


Selecting our vinyl option, you will find a variety of colours and styles. Whether you are looking for a horizontal or vertical look, or a shake or scallop, our products will cover your needs.  Using Mitten as our main supplier, we understand the need for selection. Offering several different series of product ranging from their standard selections (Bronze Series) to their Silver and Gold Series, Mitten will be sure to help you visualize what your new exterior look will be. Making slight adjustments in product sizing and profiles will also assist in the overall appearance when finished. Using a vinyl product will drastically reduce those yearly painting expenses and allow for an exterior you can be proud of.


Are you looking to “jazz” up your house by adding stone? Not only can Fusion Stone be installed on the outside of your house, but it can also be completed on the interior as an accent wall or a custom fireplace. Fusion Stone is a great feature to add in or around your home to give a rustic modern look. Depending on your style and overall concept, Fusion Stone can be supplied and installed in many colours. There are many advantages to Fusion Stone such as being a maintenance free, mold resistant, water repellant, lifetime guarantee, and manufactured in Ontario. You can see some of our Fusion stone projects here or visit www.fusionstone.ca to see their great product line up.