Weather you are looking to completely replace your existing deck or simply spruce up your existing outdoor area, Precision Contracting can offer your home a new railing system with safety and style being at the top of our lists.  From Pressure Treated and Cedar to Aluminum and Glass, the professional team at Precision Contracting can turn your decks old railing into a design you can enjoy for many years to come.  

Pressure Treated & Cedar

If you are simply looking to replace your current railing system with a safe and affordable barrier then a new pressure treated railing may be the choice for your home.  Completed to meet all Ontario Building Codes, the team at Precision Contracting will explain railing guard heights and required supports to ensure the overall safety.  Pressure Treated & Cedar rail systems can be left as natural wood and weather over the years, or it can be treated using a variety of stains and finishes that best suit your design needs.


Another great way to finish off a railing system without having the trouble of yearly maintenance and stain, is to discover our Aluminum railings.  Available in five standard colours, aluminum railings have a variety of options that can be added to increase your overall finished look.  Whether additional lighting is your concern or your sight line into your backyard oasis, an aluminum rail system from Precision Contracting will provide you with years of enjoyment.


If you are tired of looking through your old wooden spindles that continue to block the view of your favorite spots, then you may want to consider a glass railing system. Modern and clean, a glass rail system shows off your style while allowing perfect views, obstruction FREE.  We have a variety of glass railing products available ranging in different glass thickness as well as several different post and guard options.  Many of our customers enjoy a top aluminum rail to support the in-line glass, while others may consider no top rail, allowing the views to become even more enhanced.  No matter what your choice, Precision Contracting will help make your new glass railing system a reality.