Adding fencing to a property can help both the security of your property as well as protect your family members and pets. At Precision Contracting we take your fencing to the next level, adding style and beauty. We offer a wide range of fencing products to help your new boundaries look great.  Although we do not offer chain link, we can supply & install pressure treated or cedar, steel, and aluminum. Be sure to select what will work for you and your family for both looks and practicality.

Pressure Treated & Cedar

Choosing a pressure treated or cedar fence can complete your fencing project at an affordable price while still ensuring the safety and security within the perimeters of your yard.  There are many benefits to choosing pressure treated or cedar.  One factor can be the overall privacy of the product.  Depending on your choice or design, our installation team can construct many different options including semi private or even 100% privacy with no external visibility.  Pressure treated or cedar designs also makes it easy to determine a custom height (many municipalities have height restrictions).  Once completed, pressure treated or cedar fence systems can be stained or painted to your desired colour choice and enjoyed for many years to come.  Since the majority of the fence is vertical, the staining and overall maintenance is generally less than a pressure treated or wood deck system.

Powder Coated Steel & Aluminum

If deciding that staining and treating your fence after 5-7 years is not an option for you and your lifestyle, choosing one our powder coated steel or aluminum fence products may be the right decision.  With many options and styles, these systems eliminate the maintenance surrounding wood products.  Although not as private as a wood or vinyl fence, the powder coated steel or aluminum products add beauty and elegance in their endless design types.  Choosing and style will be the toughest part of this project. Once selected, let our team at Precision Contracting complete the fence of your dreams.