CASE STUDY: Five Bedroom House


Our customer purchased a property with the potential to be an income property. This property would be later used as a rental house, a new live-in house for the customer and his wife during retirement, or simply a house to "flip". This was a 5 bedroom, 2-1/2 bath House with a double car garage located on a corner lot in Brockville's north end.


We completely gutted the entire house, removed walls, changed bedrooms and baths, kitchen and living areas, all flooring, walls and much more.


Other than the exterior doors. No other exterior work was required for this project. 95% was concentrated on the interior. 


A newly designed custom kitchen (all prep work was done by Precision, including wall removal, bulk head removal, sub-floors, installation of ceramic tiles, drywall, prime, paint and casing). Although Precision does install kitchens, this customer had a previous relationship with a local kitchen company that we have worked very well with in the past. This was an easy way to tie it all together.  A new furnace. This was installed at the beginning of the project since the house had no prior duct work and required a lot of framing and working around all the new venting systems

Refinishing of Hardwood in upper bedrooms and hallway. Precision Contracting installed all the "new" hardwood in the home, however, the upper level was in great shape and for the sake of losing all that beautiful wood, the customer decided we would refinish it. A local flooring and sanding crew came in to refinish these floors.


These types of projects take tremendous amounts of time with the home owners as well as individual contractors, suppliers, and trades. On-site and working hours were upwards of 1,000 hours. This does not include the preparation and behind the scenes work. Organization of bathroom designs, kitchen designs, flooring, layouts, and simply paint colours can make these large projects "pop" upon final completion Precision Contracting sets high standards when taking on a project of this magnitude and only accepts perfect craftsmanship and quality throughout the entire project, starting from Phase 1 to completion.