This gorgeous home is surrounded by acres of meticulous horse paddocks and untouched forested land. The owners of this house were looking to expand their main living are to include an additional sitting room, storage area and a convenient 3 piece bath.


Once working in Ottawa, the owners decided to move the open spaces that this property has to offer. In doing so, they we able to expand this country lot with their new 650 sq. ft. addition. In the future, this addition will serve as their new Master Bedroom, ensuite, and custom walk-in closet as they continue their retirement years in this country home.


One of the biggest challenges we faced with this project was the fact that we had an existing home with beautiful roof lines and style. After many conversations with the owners, one thing was clear, we had to make it look like it was always meant to be on the house. They did not want it looking like an addition. The roof lines had to match the existing garage on the opposite end, the elevations had to line with the existing floors, the porch was to tie into the existing, and most importantly, it had to look amazing. 


One of our biggest advantages was the fact that we already knew the clients and understood their expectations with myself and our team. Much like any project, the key to our success was to take the time and plan. Before a shovel went into the ground, we spent the required time and planed everything from the size, down to the hardwood floor sizing and bathroom design. When completing a project of this size, planning is the most important step.


From beginning to end, many lessons were learned during this project. Much like many of our projects, timing and organization is crucial. This is especially true when dealing with a larger project. We ended up finishing this project 1 day ahead of schedule with full occupancy and final inspections completed. Although we are used to managing a well organized site and production, it always takes special attention to be sure everything is always on track.