"First and foremost, I wanted a business that I was proud of."

- Lindsay Haley, founder, Precision Contracting

In 2005 Lindsay Haley returned to his hometown of Brockville to start Precision Contracting. With the help of his grandfather and his construction background he was able to concentrate on growing a stable contracting business that he could be proud of. He didn't want to be just another contractor, he wanted a company that would provide steady employment for his staff, support his growing family and give something back to the community. He wanted a company he could be proud of. This could only be achieved using quality products, exceptional staff, and a customer relationship experience like no other. 

So with his wife Jenn by his side, they began the process of building a strong base, using only the best materials and products, while surrounding themselves with good, hard working individuals. They started small making sure that each and every customer was properly serviced one step at a time.  Using this philosophy they choose to focus their attention on the details of each project, making sure nothing was overlooked. 

Lindsay knew that growing a contracting company in a small market like Brockville would take a lot of work. He also knew that with a small population meant an even smaller number of home owners with projects to offer. But it wasn't long before he had a small but strong customer base. And from the moment we started talking about their projects, he knew two things for sure; his service had to be flawless and his reputation was on the line. 

From there, Lindsay and Jenn based their company around four major components. Attention to detail, workmanship, scheduling and organization, and most importantly, customer service. They made sure to keep projects on track and budget, while never sacrificing quality and commitment. They also learned that a customer who is happy with our service and workmanship is a valuable asset to any growing business.

Since those early days, Precision Contracting has successfully grown into the full service contracting company seen today. With a full time staff, they proudly serve Eastern Ontario through residential and commercial installations. Whether it's a new bathroom, kitchen or basement, flooring or even general home enhancements such as sprucing up a room with crown moulding, new paint or even trim, Precision Contracting can assist you in your next project. They also service many of your exterior needs through our extensive Window & Door Program, complete decks and fence designs, as well as vinyl siding.

Today they are happy to say that Precision Contracting continues to grow, one happy customer at a time. They can't wait to help you with your next Home Improvement Project. The only thing they'll leave behind is a finished project that you can be proud of and enjoy for many years to come.

The Precision Contracting team is comprised of the hardest working individuals in the industry. To ensure their overall commitment to their customers, each individual completes a criminal background and reference check. Using the right people for every job makes Precision Contracting thrive above the rest.  

Their staff live locally and many have either raised their families or are currently raising their family within Brockville and the surrounding area. With family life of utmost importance at Precision Contracting, they provide a balance of both work and play for all staff members. Weekdays are for hard work and weekends are for family fun and enjoyment.

Combining experience and knowledge, Precision Contracting has formed a team that continues to be a leader within Eastern Ontario. Each team member brings forth their personal qualities and attributes that make Precision Contracting great place to work and a terrific place of business. They are always excited to show off what their team members have to offer and help out wherever they may be needed.

Precision Contracting looks forward to introducing their great team to you and your families.  A team that can be trusted for their professionalism and workmanship qualities.

At Precision Contracting, it is understood that customers have different tastes and styles. It is also understood that customers deserve quality products at an affordable price. With this in mind, they have spent years putting together reputable vendors and suppliers. Along with their extensive supplier lists, you can also find other reputable companies that offer product to them on a regular basis. Precision Contracting only recommends the companies they trust.

Mission Statement

Established in 2005 to provide the highest customer service and workmanship throughout the entire renovation process. With "Attention To Detail", Precision Contracting is dedicated to accuracy, professionalism, scheduling and organization, completing projects on time and on budget. Their fully certified installers complete each job using their skills and craftsmanship.  

Precision Contracting wants their expectations to exceed yours!

Safety Standards

As the owner and operator of Precision Contracting, Lindsay Haley is significantly interested in the Health and Safety of all employees, subcontractors, and clients within and around his job sites. As an ongoing goal, Haley ensures the safety and protection from workplace injury or illness. Precision Contracting makes every effort to provide a healthy and safe work environment. All employees must be dedicated to the objective of reducing the risk of injury and illness within the workplace. Precision Contracting is ultimately responsible for the employee’s health and safety. As the company owner, Haley gives you his personal promise that every reasonable precaution will be taken to protect all employees from harm. All acting foremen or on-duty job supervisors will be held accountable for the safety of employees under this supervision. Foremen’s are responsible to ensure that tools and equipment are safe for use, and that all employees follow and respect all workplace procedures and policies. 

To ensure the overall safety of all employees, every worker must protect his/her own health and safety by following the law, and the company’s safe work practices and procedures. It is in the best interest of all parties to consider health and safety in every activity. Commitment to health and safety must form an essential part of this organization, from the owner and operator to all its employees, subcontractors, and clients.